How Do I Keep My Contact Details Confidential in Family Court?

This guide explains how to keep your contact details confidential in family court proceedings. The number of people that do not know about the existence of this form continues to surprise me.

This form is very important especially to protect those individuals who facing serious risks should their contact details be disclosed.

It is quite simple and there is a form you would use when making an application to the court.

The form is called form c8 and can be found here: (

So, if you want to hide your contact details you need to fill in this form. Including details such as your address, contact details of your children, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

It is important that you include the actual contact details within this form and also that you do not then include them within the application itself.

There have been occasions where individuals have become confused and have added their contact details in the main application and then have simply added the words name, address, telephone number, etc in the form c8.

This is incorrect!

The main application will be seen by the person you are hiding your details from but the form c8 will not be seen by them – so that is where you add the specific details.

The court staff are not responsible for checking any accidental disclosure by you of your contact details so please make sure you fill in the information correctly and do not add it to any documents being shared with the other party – throughout the proceedings.

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