New Divorce Law UK Will End Blame Game

The new divorce law is coming through the Divorce, Dissolution & Separation Bill. This will change the divorce and separation process for couples in England & Wales. This is fantastic news and will save costs, disputes, and unnecessary hearings.

Key Changes Explained

The key changes to be introduced by the Divorce, Dissolution & Separation Bill are explained below.

In the meantime, the current divorce system is in place.  The process of divorce and separation can very difficult. If you would like to read an initial free in-depth divorce guide, click here. Further, these vlogs will explain the different facts in divorce proceedings:

  1. Unreasonable Behaviour?
  2. Adultery?
  3. Desertion?
  4. Separation of 2 years (with consent)?
  5. Separation of 5 years (with no consent)?

Also, you can read our article analysing the new divorce system here. On the other hand, you can read the government website here.

Family Law Figures 2019 Released

Did you know that the Family Law Statistics for July – September 2019 have been released by the MOJ?

The statistics show an increase in the number of cases started in the Family Courts across England & Wales. The statistics show a decrease in the number of divorce petitions started.  Also, there has been a 3% decrease in the number of divorce applications that started between July – September 2019. This is when compared to the same time period last year.  The time it has taken for a divorce to progress to Decree Nisi stage decreased from 31 weeks to 30 weeks in the same period. Further, during this time, there were 23,325 Decree Absolutes granted. This is an increase of 38%.

Further information can be found here.